August 4, 2013

My Last Real Letter

This might be a short one because we are not going to have much time considering that we spent most of our P-Day at Monte Alban. Don't worry, I took a lot of pictures. I also got REALLY sunburned. Like, really badly. Like, I look like sebastian from the Little Mermaid. I will not send you the pictures right now first of all because I will be home in like 10 days. Second of all, I do not want to lose the pictures that I have left to a computer virus in a shady Oaxaquen internet. And third of all, because most computers do not accept the memory stick (not card) that I have been using since I lost my last memory card. Actually, those are pretty much the reason why I haven't sent you pictures this entire year, just so you know. 

This week went by pretty well. We are setting the base so that Nochixtlan just explodes after I leave. The next elders are going to be baptizing a ton. Like, a ton. They've got at least four easy baptism, people that will stay active. We should be setting the dates with most of them this week. I will continue in that effort all of this week. It's weird, though, putting citas for after my mission. It's also weird that people have already started to say goodbye to me. My branch president did that, though I think it was partly because he just wanted to see the last of me. We don't see eye to eye on missionary matters. He wants to baptize people as soon as possible. I like waiting a little bit until they really have testimonies of things. But he won't have to put up with me for very much longer.

 I am really happy about my release time. I knew Pres. Naatjes would understand. He used to be a young men's president in Lakeville. He gets young men. 

Also, that Tyrel story was really, really cool. I plan on sharing that with quite a few people this week. It just goes to show what God will do to bless us. He really looks out for each and every one of His individual children. Big testimonio booster there.

Well, I've already got to go. I probably won't write you too much next week. But I do love you and I'll see you in two years!
Elder Johnson

P.S. Wish dad luck on the boundary waters trip for me