So I just found out that I have a supposedly serious problem with my visa. I have to be in the mission offices tomorrow at 8:30 to get it all figured out. Man, it would really suck to get deported right now. I'm just starting to get into that missionary groove again. I knocked off two other baptisms this week, found yet another 11 new investigators (not contacts mom - I make about 10 contacts a day. A contact is just talking to somebody and getting a verbal agreement for a return visit. A new investigator is somebody you've actually taught a lesson to and who accepts another visit), and helped my district do the same. It's a good time here in la Hacienda. I'm just happy that I have a companion who is willing to help me out when I no longer have the energy to think up new ideas. It's much different from my other companion. Therefore, I have just sort of thrown myself into the work here in la Hacienda.

We are continually talking to people these days. When we see a family in the street, we just stop and talk to them. We are constantly talking to people and constantly asking for references. We have plans and back plans and back up plans for the back up plans and we never, ever spend extra time in the house. I'm finding it hard to give my companion his proper language study time. This is especially important for me since President gave my comp the goal of completing six modules in the English study program before the next interview. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we had interviews this week. Mine, as usual, lasted like 30 seconds. Either President really doesn't worry about me or I really am just incredibly boring in Spanish, but it always seems that I get the short interview. I'm fine with that. It's certainly much better than a long interview trying to resolve obedience issues, I guess. 

Anyways, back to the working theme. Flor and Charbel got baptized and they were so ready for it. They are just the most pilas people ever. They've given us two great references now, the second of which is her daughter and her grandchildren, which are three of our 11 new investigators. I think they might be our next baptisms too. Right now we're kind of at the stage of the work where we baptized the people who were ready and the rest of the people are just starting the process. I hope to get some good things going, especially with General Conference this weekend. General conference is always a good way to get investigators amped about baptism. Good timing, I think, right?

Just so you know, I hate how the Spanish spell check on this computer tells me that I am spelling every word wrong. It is really distracting and now I don't know if I am actually spelling words wrong.

Other that that, it's been a pretty normal week. I ate a caterpillar with new investigators the other day during divisions. I also got hit by a car (it was a truck that was turning a corner - I saw the truck and successfully avoided it but I didn't see the long steel poles sticking out the back and they nailed me). Mostly, I'm just tired from walking so far, talking so much, sleeping too little, and getting rained on all the time. And now I'm going to do it again for the next seven days. Welcome to the mission life.

By the by, you should know that every time you tell a Tyrel story these days you make me cry. Really embarrassing, honestly.  Hope everybody is doing well. Love you all. I want to meet Amber too, though I'll probably be meeting Mrs. Johnson by the time I get back. See you in a year! :)
Elder Johnson