February 17, 2013

The first Baptism!

We baptized somebody! And it was my comps first baptism ever! I was very happy for him. It went spectacularly well, from our viewpoint. A bunch of members came, including some inactive member and a non-member came! We'll start teaching him on Tuesday. We had a good while changing activity as well. We brought a bunch of pictures and paintings of Christ and we had the members write their testimonies and messages to ___________. It was very spiritual, from our standpoint. The problem is________ has decided to get in the way. Her grandmother said that if she got baptized she was going to disown her as a granddaughter and her mother threatened to kick her out of the house. The only way she managed to stay there is that she is the only one of the family that has a paying job, so kicking her out would mean not having money. THat's it. It wasn't love, or family ties that kept ___________ in that house. It was money. I don't understand how the world can be so blighted and wrong sometimes. THat family doesn't even go to the Catholic Church, yet the fact that _________ got baptized in a different Church is so offensive to TRADITION that all love was forgotten. I hope __________ will be a good example for her family. They can change with time.

 On Wednesday, we should be going to the temple, which is going to be a blessing after being a hassle. We almost don't have time for the six hour drive and whatnot. We might have to go down on Tuesday night, which means we'll miss a ton of work time. I do not like that idea. I'd much rather just get up early so that we can save time. But we'll see. I'll have to talk to my comp about it all. I had an interesting situation with my comp the other day. He got super, super stressed - because of the baptism, because of divisions, because of giving a talk, because of the upcoming changes - and he almost couldn't work. He stopped sleeping, he started having nosebleeds, headaches, etc. He was down and depressed. This was a problem because I honestly don't know how to deal with stress. I'm not a stressed person. I don't generate stress well. So I didn't know how to help him. Luckily, God blessed us a lot, and sent me some revelation, and now we're all good. He feels a lot better and we should be able to work this week with little distraction. I'm excited for that. You learn how to do a lot new things on the mission, I can tell you that.

They Church is true. God wrote the Book of Mormon and it is, above anything, a testament of Jesus Christ, of His divinity and reality. I love it, I love Him, and I love the mission. I'll see you next week!

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