January 22, 2012

I never know what time it is here. See, they don't use am and pm. They use días, tardes, y noche and I don't know when they begin or end. I've asked three different natives this question and I've received three different answers. So I just use buenas...... and they understand that I'm greeting them.

On to stories: We are having amazing success this transfer. Like, incredible. We've put 9 baptismal dates and seven of them are real. We are going to put two more real ones this week. We are going to baptize a family next Sunday. The Lord wants that Elder Bridgeraj and I work. So we are working. I won't lie, I'm like two weeks behind in my journal because I just crash to bed every night. To put things in perspective, our entire zone, like 14 missionaries, has put like 5 dates. My companion and I had six for one Sunday. things are going great.

Alright, I'm already out of time, so quick story: So we have made a goal to knock 4 doors everyday, for several reasons. First, we want to contact more people. Second, Elder Bridgeraj wants to learn how to contact. Third, knocking doors is a terrible experience unless you are used to it, se we are getting used to it. Finally, we have met some really cool people. Like Idla. Idla is an old lady. I was really hesitant about her at first because her door had a "This house is Christian, everyone is Welcome" sticker on the door and that generally means super Christian person who does not want to change. She opened the door, told us to come back the next day. We came back and knocked and nobody answered. We figured she had given us a false time so she wouldn't have to really talk with us and moved on. The next day, we came back to visit her neighbors and lo and behold, we found her leaving her house, "You never came yesterday!" "Yes we did, we knocked right at 4 like we said" "No you did not, I was waiting. Did you ring the doorbell?" "There's a doorbell? Oh." So we put another time, later that day. Showed up 10 minutes late. "You're late! I've been waiting." Okay, crazy lady. But we started teaching. And teaching. And taught the first lesson. She ate everything up. At the end, she told us the secret: She is baptist, but is sick of her church. She has had a lot of problems lately and has been praying. Then we showed up. Many members of her family are Mormon. She has already read the Book of Mormon. Several times. She decided to listen to the missionaries for the first time in her life. And more: The house she is living in is the second house of the pastor of her Church. She feels like she has to do whatever he says because really she is living off of his kindness. But the other day, guess what happened? Her son, who never calls her, never supports her, never associates with her, called her right after one of her prayers to tell her that he had bought a house for her right across the street. Her own house. Then we knocked on her door. Yup, she is convinced that these are signs from God that she should listen to our message. I'd certainly believe that. So we are going to put a baptismal date with her next week too. The Lord is preparing people and it is amazing.

Then, we put three baptismal dates with the world's coolest family. Turns out the law of chastity is a great baptismal lesson.

Got to go. Love you all. Bye!

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