January 29, 2012

La GRIPA!!!!

That's spanish for cold. I caught a bad cold yesterday, but the way they say, "¡¿tiene gripa?!" makes you feel like you caught cancer. It was kind of a bummer day to get sick because it was the day of the baptisms for the Lopez family. They are like the coolest people ever. The dad is a member, but super inactive. He knows, however, that the happiest time in his life was when he was active in the church and he wants him and his family to get involved again. His wife, two daughters, and son, are not members. However, the wife and a daughter are now and the son is only six. We´re working with the other daughter still. But they are awesome. They are the first people I've baptized who I feel like actually have a desire to stay active for ever and who really understand the gospel. I got to do the ordinance for both of them and it was quite special, other than the runny nose, which I'm sure ruined several pictures. So it was a good cap to a good week.

So, you had questions about Idla, right? Well, she came to church this week, as promised and is still super interested. Everything was going along splendidly until gospel principles class, where we talked about the Plan of Salvation. That's when she dropped this atomic bomb, "What do you believe about babies who die before baptism? Because I had a baby who died at three months and I asked my pastor about it and he said that my baby was with Satan." Well, hermana, let's just turn right to Moroni chapter 8 and read the truth. After a very touching and spirit filled explanation, she then asked the question, "So what can I do to fully repent and live with my child again?" This is the point when the hermana who was getting baptized that day said, "That's the job of the elders." Yup, the work is moving along just fine here. My next transfer is the 6th of Feburary and I'll probably stay again to finish training my kid. Good chance I'll finish my first fourth of my mission in one area. 

I still haven't gotten my package yet, and I'm really looking forward to it. I am super jealous that dad went to a Jimmer game and I want to hear how he did. 

Can you believe it, I already have to go? Pray that I can find some new investigators please! Love ya!
Elder Johnson

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