March 18, 2012

Two Facts Vital to Your Salvation

So, we just got taught a lesson in humility by a drunk man last night (please, read the following story in tones of heavy sarcasm). We were on our way home to go study Spanish and English a bit when we saw a man singing and dancing quite alone in the middle of the street. We thought there was a chance he was inebrieated and resolved not to talk to him, which of course meant that he immediately spotted us and demanded our attention. He quizzed us on our Bible knowledge to make sure that we weren't lying to the people we are teaching. We learned quickly that, contrary to popular belief, we don't know everything. First he asked us this, "What is the name of the Mount of Olives?" Us, a tadbit unsure, answered with what we had learned, "SeƱor, we're pretty sure that the name of the mount of Olives is the Mount of Olives." This was not the right answer and he got a little angry with us. After trying to leave, he caught up with us and asked us, "How many books are in the Bible?" We were absolutely clueless with this question and told him so. He called us liars and idiots and told us to go back to the United States because we can't teach if we don't know how many books the Bible has. We asked him, very kindly, if he could tell us. He replied that he didn't know either. So we left, humbled, by this kind man who took time out of his busy night to teach us valuable spiritual lessons. Next time, we will take the secret way to the house, under the only mango tree that doesn't have ripe mangos right now.
Dont worry mom, the drunks arent dangerous because they aren't capable of walking quickly and we are masters of the "missionary pace." We generally don't have experiences like that, but every once and a while they are unavoidable. As are the scorpions in the bathroom. Don't worry about those either: I already have my bottle of Raid Max and my companion knows how to take off their stings, which is why we brought a scorpion with us in the hour and a half ride to Huatulco in a cramped taxi. They are harmless without the sting and rather docile. I am also wise enough not to get close to them. Tarantulas are not deadly and are not in the house. You just have to watch were you step at night. I should probably talk about something spiritually uplifting to make you feel better now.

So, we've had this investigator named Luis Enrique since before I arrived in Puerto Angel. He's a student at the local college and is very willing to get baptized. The only reason he hadn't was because he wanted his parent (who live in the city of Oaxaca) to attend. Now, however, he says he'll get baptized with or without them. Here's the thing: despite his progression and the time we've had him, I did not meet him until Saturday. Everytime that we visited with him, I was doing divisions with another missionary. Just my luck. Anyway, on Saturday, we talked and he told us that he still wants to get baptized, but he didn't really want to be a member of the church (I know, a little weird). We got to talking about this and he shared with us his two big doubts: first, being part of the church "system." Second, tithing. We didn't have time to answer his doubts then, but we invited to come to the district conference (a district is like a branch but it's for small stakes. Instead of a stake we have a district and instead of wards we have branches). He did and guess what the two main topics were: The blessings of serving in callings and going to the temple (being part of the "system") and the blessings of tithing. Wow, God is watching out for our investigators. We talked to him a bit in the ride back (in the back of a truck with 9 people. Welcome to Mexico) (Also, without the scorpion, which had been captured by the youth of district Huatulco), and he told us that he loved the conference. I'm thinking he's feeling a little less doubtful for his baptism now. It's good to receive divine intervention from time to time. Always look for the hand of the Lord in your lives because it is there. Anyways, I've got to go now.

Dad, happy belated birthday. Sorry I can't do much for you right now, but I am memorizing one of the poems you've given me this week in tribute to all the things you've taught me over the course of my life. Hope you are doing great and know that I'm thinking of all of you. Love you! Bye!
Elder Johnson

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