March 25, 2012

It's been a busy week in the life of the first counselor in the branch presidency.
Kidding! I'm not actually the first counselor. I just do all his jobs. I had to conduct my very first sacrament meeting this sunday and I also had to count tithing with the President because there was literally nobody else. I was worried though, about breaking rules. I don't think un-set apart missionaries should be doing at least the tithing thing. But oh well - it's over and done. It was at least a learning experience.

This is also the hallowed week of the transfers. I'm staying here in Puerto Angel, but Elder Luna is leaving. He's off to the city to train. I will stop training/being trained for the first time since I arrived in Mexico. I will continue being District Leader. It was pretty much what I expected and it's a good thing because we are starting to find a bunch of young couples with baptismal potention. Also, more kids are coming out of the woodwork to become baptismal candidates as well. It's been awhile without baptisms for me, but I'm thinking this week or the next we´ll have one or two here in Puerto Angel. And there's always Luis Enrique, who just needs to get over being part of the "system."

By the by, I realized something about my letters: I have a tendency to forget all of my cool/funny stories from the beginning of the week and only tell you all about the end, which is actually pretty slow. I'm going to try to change that, though maybe not this week because I'm drawing blanks right now.

Hmm, the week. It's been a week, that's for sure. It's hard to recall the cool stories. We played electricians twice as Elder Luna and I installed an outlet in the house of an eternal investigator and fixed a blown fuse in the house of a new investigator. A former drug attic told us of a story of a guy who was in a coma and had a dream of going to heaven and passing three degrees of "heaven" (yeah we capitalized on the Plan of Salvation set up). One of our investigators and one of our converts fell off the wagon, unfortunately, and started drinking again. Together. Ooops. That was a bad match. Such is the life of Puerto Angel: No priesthood because the men of this town are caught by the plague of alcohol. We'll overcome the plague eventually, just you wait.

Anyway, next week will be a more exciting addition of "Elder Johnson goes to the Beach," I promise. I trying to refocus myself a little bit right now and I hope it shows in next week's letter. Just hope you all know how much you mean to me and that I look up to you and you motivate me to be my best. I'll write again next monday!
Elder Johnson

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