April 1, 2012

EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!! I think?

So I'm good. I wasn't even aware there was an earthquake until like 2 hours after when our zone leaders called us, very worried, and asked us if we were okay. Yup and I'll tell you why in the same manner that the Puertans explained it to us: the earthquakes that do damage here are like this ^ v. The one we experienced went like this < >. Didn't even feel it and very few of the residents of Puerto Angel felt it either. However, it did kill our water for like two days, which was a little bothersome because I hate showering out of a bucket (when you sweat ALL day and shower out of a bucket, you just are never clean) and it may have affected our electricity, which we lost for like half a day yesterday but has already come back. Everybody here in the coast is fine, but I don't know about the city of Oaxaca. You just don't really communicate with the city when you get stuck in the coast. We are quite literally trapped in Paradise.

Anyway, big, big news of the week, guys: SPANISH PLAYING CARDS ONLY HAVE 40 CARDS!!!!! It really weirds me out. Instead of having A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12. I know. Beats me too. I guess 7 really did eight nine (HAH! get it? Although it doesn't fully explain the mysterious absence of 8. Maybe it ran away? I'll have Cam Jan and Scooby-Do go investigate). So yeah, just so you are all a little more culturally aware, spanish playing cards have only 40 cards. Don't you forget it either.

All right, so the truth of why I'm writing about spanish playing cards and scooby do is because this week was a little depressing in Puerto Angel. We worked, Elder Perez and I. We really wanted to work too because I'm the first companion Elder Perez has had who is not dead (dead missionaries are those who no longer work, who stay in their houses, talk to the girlfriends, and have their personal movie collections). So we visited and visited and really tried hard to help these people out but these are the results: Two former Alcoholics drinking again, stumbling upon an investigator listening to a missionary from a different church, zero investigators in church, and a pathetic sacrament meeting with a depressed branch president. Puerto Angel is suffering right now and I want to help it out so bad. We're are going to find new people this week, I promise you, me, Puerto Angel, and God that. I think I've been a little bit timid in calling people to repentance as well, which is something that I plan on changing. Not being overbearing is important, but we can't forget about being bold. Somebody in the MTC (translation: a seventy or Jeffrey R Holland) told me that those who are afrain to call people to repentance love themselves more than their friends or investigators. It's very true. If I want to help these people, I have to tell them a little more how it is.

As for box stuff, I really just need baptismal pants, a baptismal tie (for that baptism that I know is somewhere here in Puerto Angel!), pictures, and a car. Because Elder Perez and I are sick of all these hills we have to climb here in Puerto Angel. Kidding, but seriously. I did really enjoy that 52 card thing you sent for Valentine's Day. It's so weird, you think before the mission that the box stuff you look forward to will be the cookies and candies, but man, now I just go straight for the pictures. I also could use like a bajillion bottles of raid because I am ready to take my war against ants outside. I am constantly fighting against ants, and I can never fully win. If I fight them out of the kitchen, they go into the bathroom. If I fight them out of the bathroom, they go to the kitchen. If I fight them out of both, they go to my desk. I hate ants! But I'll get over it.

Anyway, I really don't have much to say. I hope you are all doing well and tell Grandma Dora that I am praying for her and that I love her. Tell Dad thank you for all the inspirational things he sends me and the constant letters though I don't ever write him back. And tell yourself that you are the best mom in the world and I will tell you exactly why in 2 years when I get home. Bye ├Żall (yeah, I just put a spanish accent mark on a southern contraction that doesn't tecnically exists. What you gonna do bout it?).
Love, Elder Johnson

P.S. Don't actually send me a gabajillion bottles of Raid. Don't actually send me any because I can buy them here. And I do look forward to the other stuff in the boxes as well, just the pictures a little bit more.

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