June 17, 2012

Rainy Season

So it's that time of the week again. Time to hear from Elder Johnson! Yeah! Right? Okay, not so much, but I certainly enjoy it. So let's start with the most surprising fact of the week. There we were, in our nice, two story apartment, waking up on Saturday morning like whatever other morning of he week on the second floor of said apartment. I was trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes when I saw something in the window of our bedroom. THe window looked into the hallway. Inside the house. It was a dog. Now, I'm still  not sure exactly how that dog apparated into our house, but I do know that I have neither the patience or the permission to raise a dog in our house. So we had to get rid of it (it belonged to the neighbors, as one would figure, and now live on the roof, where it barks at us as we do our laundry). It was a fun surprise, I won't lie.

This week has been about training Elder Varela. He is such a new missionary. He gets nervous really easily and any time I give him a part of the lesson to teach, he doesn't really ask the investigator questions or teach. He just kind of testifies. It's great, he got an awesome testimony, but I want him to, you know, teach a little bit more during the lessons. And we've tried to work on that. Unfortunately, when I show him how to do something in companionship study or something like that, he seems to think that he has to do it exactly like me. THat is very not true. I'm not a very good missionary and he should be following the spirit's direction. We´re working on it though. With time, the guy's gonna be great. I mean, he pronounces his double r's like a boss.

My memory card is not working, so I will not be able to send you pictures as I promised. This is mildly concerning. But I'll get it worked out, don't you fret yourself. Anyway, well everything in Fortin kind of stayed the same this week and we didn't have much progress. But we've received some great looking references and we should be in for a big week in the first week of a new transfer. I feel like I have to kick myself into gear again, like I've gotten a little too content for a certain level of focus and work that is a bit underneath what I would call my best. I'll be better this week though. I've only got two years to be my best and I really want to learn how to do it. Well, thank you for all your support (though I haven't gotten your package yet mom). I love you all and hope to hear from you next week. Peace out yall.

Elder Johnson

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