March 3, 2013

I'm craving a swimming pool!

It's really hot and really dry and all I want to do is jump in a pool or a lake or run through a sprinkler or have a water balloon fight and all I want to eat are fruits, salads and sandwiches. But, I'm a missionary, so instead I'm in a white long-sleeved shirt and a tie, walking in dusty streets to visit ice cream salesmen (hey, maybe he'll give me one!) and eating soups, stews, and chiles. I may not completely understand my life right now, but dang it, I'm happy!

Okay, on to mission stuff.  We talked to ============ this week. She's really nervous about her baptism (scheduled forMarch 9th) but determined to go through with it. It really impressed me when her grandma, the relief society president, asked her, "And if you dad cuts you off and runs you out of the house?" =============== replied, "Well then he cuts me off and runs me out of the house." That takes some guts, especially when you are a poor college student still dependent on your parents. We read a story in the Bible of Peter and John, who were told soon after Christ's resurrection that they couldn't preach in Christ's name. THe people who told them were the same people who had killed Christ. THey still had the power to kill Peter and John. And they said, "You cannot do what the Lord has commanded you to do. We will not let you." Peter, as always, replied in admirable fashion, "Judge between thyselves whether it is right to obey you over God. For we cannot forget the things that we have seen and heard." That's what ================= is doing right now. Her dad has said, "You cannot obey the commandment of God to get baptized in the true Church," and ================ has said, "Well, I think it's more important to obey God than to obey you, dad because I know this is the true Church. THe Spirit of revelation has testified this to me." Like I said before, it takes some guts to be like Peter. I'm super happy for ======================.

Well, I'm starting divisions with my zone leaders today. I should learn a lot. Elder Trejo is a very good Elder. Sometimes it's hard to keep with him, but it will be a good challenge. We all need challenges in order to grow. Something dad has taught me, actually. As for my package, I just need socks. All of my socks have holes in them. That's my only pressing need. I'd write more, but I have to write a lot of people today. I hope you understand. I love you and I'll see you in 2 years!
Elder Johnson

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