June 24, 2013


I have big news: that is the official spelling of my new area. And that's about all I know about it. We have been lost for about a week. My comp, Elder Price, had a grand total of 11 days to get to know the area before I showed up. That's not a lot of time to get to know an entire city and a big ole branch (like 120 active members!). So we have been trying to find a lot of houses by following strange directions. Let me give you a blow by blow on how we found our comida on my first day there:
1. Walk until you find a field of dirt with a trail cutting through it.
2. Take that trail.
3. Walk until you find a white bridge.
4. Cross it.
5. Walk until you find a giant gate with absolutely nothing behind that will probably take you to Narnia if enter it
6. Follow the road until you find the house with the food in it

I don't know how we found it either, but find it we did. All in all, it's been a fun week. We were able to find a lot of new investigators (they may have been old ones, we don't know, but to us they are new) and just generally establish a base for this work for the next couple of weeks. The really cool thing about NOchixtlan is that they just opened a new chapel two weeks ago and they had this giant open doors activity that gave us a bunch of references. Unfortunately, we haven't known the city well enough to contact any of those references. But, on Sunday, our SUPER PILAS ward mission leader, Angel (super pilas means he's the first ward mission leader that actually does his job) got appointments for us with pretty much all of those investigators and AND the members who know them. I love Angel and we should have a bunch of work this week thanks to him.

So my comp's name is Elder Price. He is my fourth comp from Arizona (Edwards, Ellsworth, PiƱa were the first three) and he has 18 months in the mission.  He's a pretty cool guy, pretty chill with most things, a very capable missionary, and happy to be really working again (his comp that just got changed for me is Elder Crook, who will be finishing his mission in two weeks). We should get along just fine, though I bet they change him in the normal changes (two weeks from now).

Hey, just a quick thing: I want Amber's email address so that I can mail her before she marries my brother. I want to send a quick congrats and a vote of confidence from me. Also, my cards are activated, but I have taken anything out yet. I will probs be doing that today though. 

As far as big name investigators we have down here, we just put a baptismal date with this guy named Carlos. All members of his family are members of the Church. He wanted to come to his own decision and it appears that he has. He should be baptized in two weeks time.

So, I've got to go, but I love you all and I hope that weddings and therapy go well. Just so you know mom, I know it's really hard for you right now and I will be praying for you, but don't let this stuff get you down. Tyrel will come through; so will therapy. The wedding will go great. The best thing you can do to help with both of those situations is just get a good nights sleep. Relax and deep breaths. YOu'll be fine. I love you!

Elder Johnson
P.S. I got my travel plans today. I will be in the Minneapolis airport at 9:24pm on August 7th. I have layovers in houston and Chicago. I don't want to think about it.

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