July 28, 2013

Denied Again

So, they denied me for Monte Alban again. I have asked to go twice now. The first time I asked to go when I had crappy numbers. The second time I asked to go I had spectacular numbers. Either way, they just don't want me to go to Oaxaca's most famous tourist site before the end of my mission.

I guess I am exaggerating. THey technically did give me permission to go....I just have to wait until next week. Why? Who knows. But I will go one of these days. THe only problem is that I was totally expecting to go today. And when you mentally prepare for the last major trip of your mission while cancelling all other fun plans like playing basketball with those jovenes and then, at 6:45 in the morning it all changes, you are left with a giant void. Me quede con las ganas. I want to be doing something super fun right now. Instead, I plan on enjoying my extra time to deep clean the house.

Oh well, at least it was a spectacular week. We worked hard and hit all of our normas de excelencia for the first time since my La Hacienda days (THat's like a year to ten months ago), including the ten new investigators norma. We had a fun time on Sunday trying to achieve that one. WE left church with nine new investigators. WE had like three or four real plans for finding at least one more. And, what do you know? They all fell. And in the process, we had to walk. A lot.
So there we were at 6:30pm, tired, depleted, and out of ideas. We thought up a few more desperation attempts for the new investigator and we set off to go find them. ON they way, though, my comp, Elder Christensen, begins to talk to me about submitting to the will of God and suggested that perhaps we weren't supposed to find the new investigator. He asked me if I felt like there was anybody that we really needed to go visit.

Well. I was honest with him. I just felt tired, but I was open for anything. He half-heartedly suggested visiting the young men's president, which we promptly set off to do. We were DEAD TIRED by this point. I want to stress that. On the way to Fidel's house, I talked with my comp about Elder Bednar's "Just try to be a good boy" MTC talk. The point of that was to suggest that if neither of us felt a particularly strong prompting to do anything, than what we had to do was just try to do as much good as possible and not worrying about things so much. That made not finding Fidel home a little bit easier to swallow.

Without further ado, we began to drag our dead carcasses to some reference's house who we had not found at home in four weeks in the half-vain attempt to find one more new investigator.  We found two. I love it when God puts our patience and faith and diligence on trial. I learn so much :)

We also put a baptismal date on Sunday, but it's for after the seventh and it's with a little eight year old girl who moved in with a very active family for an indefinite period of time. Essentially, it is a gift from God for my comp. I'm just happy to be working and to be able to be a good missionary for my last couple of weeks. It's been a fun ride and I hope to enjoy until the end. 

ANyways I love you guys. I will see you in two years...uh, two weeks. Wow.
Elder Johnson

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