February 5, 2012

Breaking Lightbulbs

Hey family!

Just to get this burden off your minds, I did already receive my package. I received it on Tuesday, the day after the internet, so I couldn't tell you about it. I've also already eaten my package (craisins are delicious), let my district leader mysteriously break my piano, used the shoes, passed the time when I would need a sweater, and broken a lightbulb with that hackeysack you gave me. Yup, it's been an interesting package that has shaken up the monotony of Bosque.

I say that not because I love Bosque any less than I did. It's just that this last week, the moment arrived when I got bored of the same places, the same people, the same things all the time. I think it's a combination of factors: first, this is about the time of year when my winter funk arrives and I just get bored of everything. I generally contribute this funk to winter because it traps you inside, but that's not the case with Oaxaca. It might be the post holiday letdown I always experience. It could be that I have now been in Bosque longer than a semester, but without the breaks. My body is just begging for a change, which is coming up. This is the last week of the transfer and I've already been in Bosque a long time, so I could easily get moved. However, I have a kid you needs two transfers of training, and we've only been companions for one. So I could also very well be staying. I'm pretty lost as to what's going to happen to me, but for now, I will assume that I'm staying so that I am mentally prepared to weather the boredom and continue to at least strive to be the missionary that I want to be.

(Riley explains a bunch of pictures here, but I just left in the part that has a good story).

Next are pictures of the day when we found out that nerf bullets can stick to your forehead if you shoot at just the right distance. It was a pretty funny discovery. By the way, that nerf gun is one of the Christmas presents I received from the Greenhalgh family. Tell them thanks please. Next is a sick jazz shirt that I found and bought for fifty pesos. Totally worth it. I wear it to bed every night and I have happy dreams. Next are the youth of Ixcotel and Bosque. We play basketball with them. They are pretty cool. Then, Alejandra's baptism which we had yesterday. Then, pictures of Adrian, one of our investigators. He is a lawyer working for a political party and it's election time. So he is working a bunch. He never sees his family or us these days and it was really bothering him. So one day, he was in his car, on the way to work, and he started to pray for help so he could see his family more. He was then struck from behind and is now in the hospital. He thinks he should have died, but didn't because this was God's answer. This is how he can see his family more. He asked us to come give him a blessing and he wanted a picture with his guardian angels. If you want to know more about his story, read Alma fifteen and just know that he wasn't a wicked lawyer before, but he sure had a bunch of questions. It's kind of eerie how similar some Book of Mormon stories are to real life. 

Anyways, I've got to go. I love and miss you all and just know that I'm still doing pretty darn swell here. The weather is nice, the pay is good, and you work with wonderful people. It's a good life. 


Elder Johnson

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