February 12, 2012

La Costa!

So, I got transferred everyone. I really wasn't expecting it, so there were some small disasters involved. I thought the Lord was going to leave me in Bosque just to teach me the value of patience and good work. Instead, he transferred me to paradise. A really hot, humid paradise. Everyone, Elder Johnson has moved to the coast. I was recently informed that the sand street that we live on is actually a dried up river that fills during the rainy season. So if it starts raining, I'll have to take a boat to cross the street. There are a bunch of gecko or lizard like creatures everywhere.  I've already drunk coconut milk directly from a freshly picked coconut. My area, called Porto Angel, has two beaches: the one close to my house and the nude one. Guess which one we avoid like Severus Snape avoids shampu? My area is like pure hills. I'm going to have really strong legs when I leave because I feel like we are climbing mountains all day. Also, I will lose all the weight I gained in the city (yup, pretty sure I gained like ten pounds, by the by) because you sweat constantly here. I love it. 

Also, I got called to be district leader. This is how my mission has gone thus far: First Transfer - Junior Companion, 1 baptism. Second Transfer - Senior Companion, 2 baptisms. Third Transfer - Trainer, 3 baptisms. Fourth transfer (being the current one) - District Leader, yet to be determined baptisms. I'm thinking four. Call me crazy, but that's what I'm feeling. I won't lie, I really feel a little bit unprepared for this responsability, but I trust God and my president. I guess I have something to contribute here. Oh yeah, I didn't write on Monday (I'm really sorry mom) because I was literally traveling all day. I left the bus station at 9:30 in the morning and got to Pachutla at 8:30. Pachutla is a half hour from my area, so that's where I stayed the night. The bus would have been really comfortable if Oaxacans knew how to make straight roads (curves for almost 10 hours do make you sick, no matter how strong a stomach), if the bathroom would have smelled better, if Elder Wagner hadn't of thrown up, if the bus would have had a mop, and if the didn't show movies because, if you can figure, when you are stuck for ten hours on a bus and reading makes you sick and you don't have a choice of listening to the sound or not, you end up watching the movie BrideWars, which does not help you concentrate on the mission, God, or even eternal marriages because I wanted to punch Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudsen by the end.

Anyway, I've got to go. I love my new area, I accidentally left all of my garments and socks in my old one so I have to wait 15 days for them to get mailed to me, I want to know how the Jazz are doing, not how the super bowl went, and I love you all. Sorry that these are so short and boring these days.
Elder Johnson

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