February 19, 2012

Like Seven Inches From the Midday Sun

Well, it's hot here. You just sweat all the time. You never stop. I stepped into an air conditioned building today for the first time in over 4 months and it felt a little bit like heaven. But anyways, here's the nuts and bolts on Puerto Angel. First of all, it is smaller than my last area. This is true, but my last area happened to be the biggest in the mission, so I would have said that for whatever area I received. It certainly doesn't feel that small, though. The town is built on a mountainside and the only flat part is the beach, to which we never go because it is a temptation and because nobody lives.((****I'm pretty sure Riley means "no one lives on the beach", rather than meaning if he goes on the beach, he will die!***)) So we constantly climb hills. My thighs will be huge after my time here. My companion (who is actually my fourth companion - Juarez, Edwards, Bridgeraj, Luna) is awesome. He's funny, a great cook, a hard worker, patient, tolerant, charitable, awesome. He is like the senior companion, although I am technically training him. One thing that we do differently here that I wish I had done in the city is we actually talk to everyone we meet. It nets us a bunch of new investigators of family members and neighbors of the people we are teaching. One thing that I do not like about what we do here is that we talk to drunks. Yes, they deserve a chance at the gospel too and yes, they probably need it more that most, but the truth is that like only 1 time out of 25 will a drinker actually change. And they waste a bunch of time. But I'm getting a little bit more into the swing of things and I should be having three baptisms this Sunday with three grandchildren of an inactive member who we activated.

Sorry, I tried to send you photos, but they are not working. Next week, perhaps, you'll see what kind of critters I'm meeting on the beach.

I haven't had water in my house since the day I arrived (I mean water to bathe and clean and wash your hands. WE have drinking water, don't worry), so we've been working off of a reserve that's about out. We're going to go kindly request water from the water people after this. I'm also getting into district leader mode. I plan training sessions, recieve all the news for the district, I have to do divisions next week, and I had to do my first baptismal interview, which was good. The work is progressing and I'm thinking that I might have a little more than 4 baptisms this transfer. OH yeah, package stuff: I don't really need anything, but here's the deal. Yes, the package will get to me. Yes, I will have to wait longer. If you send it now, I will probably recieve it March 3 when we are going to the city in order to lister to Elder Scott, who is coming here.

Don't worry about crime here. There's actually not that much, just a lot of drunk people, who we definitely avoid at night. I've got to go, but I love you and miss you all. Maybe I'll have time to tell some cool stories next week.

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