May 6, 2012

Back at Hogwarts

Transfer time! They moved me. I won't draw that part out. Now, to explain to where they moved me. Hmmmm......remember a place called Bosque? The place where I spent the first 4 and a half months of my mission? Yeah, so Bosque was a ward in a stake called Amapolas. It's the smallest stake of the four city stakes (Monte Alban, Atoyac, Mitla, and Amapolas). And I got put back in it, in the ward of Fortin. So I'm in the city again, which means that the reason that I didn't write on Monday was as simple as the fact that I was on a bus for 12 straight hours. Didn't have time. So I'm writing today.

Okay, so now to what's going on with me. I'm happy to be out of Puerto. I wish the best for that little branch and I hope the best for Elder Perez and Elder Edwards, the Elders currently there, but as for me, I know this is God blessing me and telling me, "Hey, I helped you out. Now get to work" which is exactly what I plan to do. But, some bright spots in a pretty quiet week: We put our first baptismal date in five weeks. Maria, the President's niece, asked us some baptismal questions and so we decided to talk about baptism with her. She's nervous about things still, but I think she is looking for a church and this seems like the one she wants right now. So there's hope. She's already been to church once. She only needs to start going consistently now and listen to the missionaries a bit more. Other good thing: the youth activity. It went GREAT! Everybody come, like 11 youth in total (that's like literally half the active part of the branch), plus the Rodas family. And then we went to Pochutla and they had a ton of people there too!!! So it went great. Everybody had a good time, I took some pictures of my Puerto converts (finally) and there was some really good Coconut water. Success. HOpe the family home evening goes equally well in my absence.

I guess I should tell you about my new companion too. His name is Elder Ellsworth and he's still pretty new to the mission. His spanish is good for a newbie, but not up to independent level yet. We're still trying to figure out the area together. He's from Arizona and seems like a pretty chill guy. I'm looking forward to this transfer a lot. I've only taught a couple of lessons so far, but I've already found some potential baptisms amongst our investigators. Definitely not Puerto Angel. Lastly: City food is MUCH better than coast food. Just letting you know. And the catholic churches here are huge. 

Well, got to go, but I love you and we will get the phonecall worked out Monday, I promise. I'm still a district leader, but my district is just me and the zone leaders, so I've got a good flow of information. WE'll be fine. See you next week!

Elder Johnson

Where Riley lives

Riley building a store

Riley eating an iguana taco

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