May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Okay, so I should probably fill you in on how my first week in Fortin went. It was fun. I like it here. I love having a ward with real leaders and real sacrament meetings. Specifics: I spent most of the week getting to know the ward and the investigators. Back in Puerto, when I had to beg and grovel and essentially sell my soul for a reference (kidding: not that bad. There just weren't references to give), I was quite surprised when members just willingly gave us names and directions (I was also surprised that the city has street names because puerto does not). The food here is delicious. We already have some potential baptisms. There are people who speak fluent English in my ward. We have a ward mission leader (he's bald, but you can't win em all). And I sometimes feel like I'm back in America, the shops and steets are so nice. I am in the central part of the city this time round and it is my favorite looking area by far so far. We'll see how the work turns out, but I think good. After my crises with putting up low numbers despite lots of work the last two transfers, this transfer I've decided just to try my best and whatever happens happens., I'm just going to try to do good. 

The highlight of the week was a family home evening with a less active-recent convert pairing of two sisters. We made philly cheese steak sandwiches with them, they gave us pineapple mangos (just as delicious as they sound) and we watched a movie. It was a fun night and what do ya know, the next day they were at church. It was fun. I'm having fun again. And working hard. And being obedient. It is on the far side of great. 
I'll fill you in on more thursday, so stay tooned!
Elder Johnson

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