August 5, 2012

Special Changed Again

So, I never technically get special changed. I always stay in my area. But they take away my companions quite consistently. And I was just starting to like Elder Flores quite a bit. I'll start with him and then get to explaining my new companion Elder Piña in a bit.

Alright, first and foremost, yes, la Hacienda is an missionary name and not a neighborhood name. I technically live in Santa Cruz Amilpas Infonovit. I also live with 4 missionaries for the first time in my mission. Elder Flores is 24 and awesome. He only has five months in the mission, but he already teaches better than me. He loves to bother Elder Diaz, who's from El Salvador. He's quite good at it too. It's a little bit hysterical because Elder Flores is, well, in Mexico and Peru, a Giant, and Elder Diaz is pretty small. Much smaller than me. THeir witty banter made my day. Also, Elder Flores is a convert. He got baptized when he was 14 years old. He's already graduated from college and he's really smart. It was a pleasure to teach with him. I could embark in whatever direction that I felt I should go, and he was capable of not only following, but also explaining clearer than I could the message that I wanted to communicate. It's a shame it was such a short companionship. Also, the ward loves him. One investigator (one of our three investigators with a baptismal date) described him as an angel of light, which prompted me to caution that even the devil can disquise himself as an angel of light. Elder Flores quite appreciated that. Also, ElderFlores hates Justin Bieber quite as much as I do and loves the Dark Knight quite as much as I do. By the way, if you see the new batman movie, don't tell me ANYTHING about it. I don't want to know. 

On to Elder Piña because Elder Flores got special changed today. Elder Piña has more time in the mission than me, 17 months.  It's my first companion with more time than me since Elder Juarez. I'm pretty excited because Elder Piña seems super pilas. He seems like he just wants to do good.  He's gonna help me a ton on the execution part of being a missionary. I'm good at the working hard, having the spirit, obeying part. NOt so good at the creative, thinking of new ideas, following through part. 

Yeah, anyway, so we should have two baptisms this week. Elder Flores and Elder Slighting did some pretty good work before I got here, so I'm inheriting a lot of good work. I'm also inheriting Sury, an 18 year girl who wants to get baptized.

Anyways, I love my new area, love my new companion (and my old one), and look forward to working hard on my mission birthday. Don't worry about the package, it will arrive eventually. I don't need packages right now. I have a lot new going on so I need nothing to distract me from the routine. There is not routine when special changes are just around the corner. Love you all, I'm excited for Aubrey too. Look forward to hearing from Colton. I think I might write Taggart next week if I get the time. CHurch is true, I know. I love preaching the gospel

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