My life is getting shook up again. I live currently in a house with three other missionaries. Our ward, which we share, is divided into two parts. We work in our part, they work in theirs, and we only really see them at night. We are two different companionships. Now, however, ONE of the other missionaries is getting special transferred away and we are becoming a trio. Our area is combining and we still have to work out the food. Life is weird. Other than that, things are normal. I revisited my centro area today in order to celebrate my companion's 18 month mark. We went with permission and everything. Let me tell you, I cannot believe that I spent three months there and NEVER got my shoes professionally shined in the Zocalo. Totally worth fifteen pesos. I'm surprised people aren't contacting ME with these shoes on. I can imagine it now, "Buenas tard....VAYA! Por favor, me puede enseñar sus zapatos?! ¡Que bonito! Son divinos! Dónde adoren Ustedes a Jesucristo? Quiero conocer más porque sus zapatos brillan tanto." Essentially, I'm looking for a big week of success this week because my shoes are really shiny and nice looking.

The negative part of such a superb shoe job is that now I don't have that much time to write, but I'll do my best. We tried finding new investigators this week. We did okay, ending up with six, but none of them are really screaming "baptize me! Baptize me!" So, we'll probably try to find more new ones this week. The cool thing is that one of the people that we found is Italiano and his sentences are like 70% Italian, 20% Portuguese, 10% Spanish, and 100% unintelligable. Honestly, don't even know if he wants us to come back. But we are. Because we'd be terrible missionaries if he does want us to come back and we don't. I don't want to take that risk. At least his Mexican wife speaks perfect Spanish. That makes things easier.

Other thing that happened: I baptized a niña escrita on Sunday. I've been teaching her non-member mom (Ade) and so she picked me to do the baptism. It was really quite a sweet baptism and I could tell that all of her non-member family members that came (like 5 in total) were really impressed, especially since the eight year old cousin asked his mom when he was going to haqve a baptism. Unfortunately, they do not live in our area. It's a bummer.

We'll end the week with good news: I did get my package. I am really enjoying the iPod and the certs. My companions, even the one from El Salvador, have already identified me as an addict. Which I am. Proudly. I hope they last the year....but probably only gonna last a transfer or two. So I'll be wanting more in my christmas package, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Love you all and hope you are all great. 

 See you in a year!
Elder Johnson