Okay mom, I'm going to keep this brief. First of all, we had two great baptismal services this week for Karla, a 15 year old for the world's little engine that could family, and Zuri, an 18 year old who never stops talking. But enough about me. I want to talk about tyrel.

Sounds like you and dad have had big weeks. Lots to do. Lots of changing going on. Dad mentioned some big changes at work, but failed to tell me exactly what they are. Aubrey is moving and taking her cat with her. She will be your first kid not to live in a mostly mormon community by herself. THat's pretty big to me. Taggart got a job (Way to go!!!). And then you have Tyrel. Tyrel is tyrel. He's always been that way and always will be that way. And I, personally, wouldn't have it any way.

I miss Tyrel a lot these days. I tell people, readily, unashamedly, and truthfully that Tyrel is my favorite, pus on his face or no.  I don't really want him to change. The truth is, even if he did start having conversations and did stop stimming, he'd still be Tyrel. And that is the world's greatest thing. Mom, honestly, God has blessed us so much in that stimmy little boy. He is our rock, our little version of our savior. Taggart, in his thanksgiving list, wrote beautifully that Tyrel has never judged him and never will. Tyrel is innocence.  He may flap and stimm and click when we say words that end in k, but, really mom, we couldn't have it any other way. We need Tyrel.  Who loves us always? Tyrel. No friend, companion, ex girlfriend, or other brotherly, routinely checks to see if and when I am coming home. I may lose friends, fight with family members, grow apart from everybody I used to hang out with, but Tyrel will always, always, always be there, stimms and all. He may not be a miracle child, but he is no less of a miracle for me. I worked with him, I say to my companions. I work with Autistic kids, I say. What a pathetic description of the priviledge I used to have.

 I know that he loves peace and quiet, just like his dad (could Heavenly Father really have picked a more perfect pair? They really will ride off in the sunset together, dad reading his Louie Lemoire book with his monoscope and tyrel cuddled beside, little recorded still clutched in his hand). I know what his real laugh sounds like, when he loses control and just starts to giggle. Taggart and I used to have that stupid breathe in laugh. Tyrel's is a giggle. I speak Tyrel. I may have forgotten most of my music, but I still can quote every last mario character down to the voice inflection. I realized that the other day. He's no different from any other kid really. We just have to get to know him. 

I don't cry very much. That's been true here in the mission. I'm not one of those that cries at every spiritual moment, every testimony, every baptismal date. I just don't do it. I cry when I talk about the Resurrection. Almost without fail. Why? Because, thanks to the Perfect life of Jesus Christ, thanks for the perfect plan of Redemption, thanks to the fall of Adam, every man, woman, and child that has ever taken on a body in this earth will be Resurrected. Tyrel is one of them. And when we are resurrected, we will take on resurrected, glorified bodies, leaving behind pains and sicknesses, heartattacks, aching hips, crappy kidneys, and Autism. In that day (and we WILL be together. We are not losing any one of the seven, I promise), we all will reunite, and every single one of us, almost simultaneously will turn to our brother Tyrel, to hear, for the first time, what he really has to say. I made a mistake earlier in this email. I said he may not be that miracle child you wanted. I was wrong. He will be. Just not in your time table. In God's. Miracles happen. God is a God of miracles and will reward your faith and diligence and patience. And one day, you will wake up and tomorrow will be the day of that miracle, whether it's the resurrection or before. Read Mosiah 24 for the power of faith and patience.
And you know what the first thing Tyrel will say will be? "I love you Mom. I love you Dad. I love you Aubrey. I love you Taggart. I love you Riley. I love you Colton," just like he says right now. And then he'll probably ask to see if anybody else is coming, just like he does now. I certainly hope that's the case. I love him, I love you, I love our family. Truly and sincerely.

And I'll see you in a year.
Elder Johnson