Hey mom. So the big news is that there is no news. I'm not changed, neither is my companion. Elder Piña and I are together for another six weeks. But we're not in a trio anymore! As of 9 oclock today, Elder Allegretti will have his own companion. So nothing to worry about there. I'm actually pretty hopeful about it all. We had five investigators at church on Sunday (despite limited work. Older companions are hard to deal with sometimes) and four of them are progressing. It's possible to baptize all four this month, but I think more realistic that we only baptize two. Which would still be pretty cool. 

We went to Plaza del Valle today. That's where the temple is, but we didn't go to the temple. We went shopping. We had permission from prez to go and look for new shoes for Elder Piña, so we went. It was really, really fun. It was like being back in America again. There were malls and Subway, air conditioning and paisley ties. It was an incredible afternoon. I bought nothing. But I enjoyed myself. And my companion did buy a slick looking pair of new dress shoes. Now his socks won't get wet everytime he walks in water. 

Honestly, not much cool happened this week. The neighbor kid broke his nose in front of us while we were eating tacos one night. I learned how to read eyes. Aminta (one of our newer-ish investigators) went to Church and read lehi's dream. It was kind of a tough week for me, to be honest. My two companions kind of shut down and I lacked the fight to motivate them. I'll do better this week though. Elder Piña at least seems ready to work. We should be having a mission conference soon, the first one in over six months. I'm super ready for one. I need to hear the word of God again. 

I've been pondering a lot the scripture Nehemias 6:3. Said Nehemias to his enemies who were begging that he stop the work on the wall in order to talk to them, "I am doing so great a work. Why should the work cease, and I come down to you?" (Something like that - I've been pondering it in Spanish and I don't have my English scriptures handy and I'm too lazy to lok it up). We are doing a great work here in the mission. If we keep ourselves spiritually walled in - studying every morning, saying prayers, obeying rules, teaching lessons - Satan can't harm us and the work continues. But if we consent to come down to talk to him - get up late, disobey, etc. - the work will cease in some way or another. It's the same at home. We are constructing great things - homes, families, careers, eternal lives - and it's pretty easy to protect ourselves. The moment we decide to come down, spiritually, is when the work will cease and we will stop achieving our goals and desires. So keep working, and keep constructing, brick by brick. It's what life requires.

Sounds like everybody is doing great at home. I hope to hear a first week of school report from Colton (kidding! He'll probably have enough homework). Sounds super interesting in Oklahoma. And I hope Taggart gets married soon! Love you all and I'll see you in a year!
Elder Johnson