April 28, 2013

Rushed for Time

Okay, I had to fill out a bunch forms for the mission today, so I kind of got held behind in my email writing, but I'll try to fill you all in on what's happening in sunny Huajuapan (gosh I wish it would rain). First of all, President is determined to ruin my birthday. I was planning on putting some very important baptismal dates that day and then having a lovely dinner and cake with a family that I love from the ward, but no, President wants us in Oaxaca so that we can go to a bunch of meetings all day and spend the rest of my now precious money traveling. By the way, about the money thing: I would love to have my debit cards back, but I also realize that it probably won't be worth it since I only have like three and a half months left. But you might not get any souvenirs if I don't get those debit cards and if they keep in Huajuapan for the rest of my mission which could actually happen. So be ye warned. 

I am not really that sorry that it is still snowing. I am trying really hard to be sorry, honest! But it's not working. As I take my cold showers at night trying to scrub off the sweat of yet another incredibly hot day, I think, with hope in my eyes, "Maybe, oh maybe, that snow will last until August." That would be incredible. So I'll swap you any day now. You guys can come and get sunburned every day and I'll go and enjoy the fresh snow. It will be a good trade, I think. BOth sides will leave happier.

Okay, so this was a hard week work wise considering that we had to use one and a half days traveling to Oaxaca and then another half day trying to do divisions and crazy stuff like that. This week looks like it will be similar. The good thing is that we had another Miracle Sunday. 7 whole people (as opposed to half people) went to Church on Sunday, our record for Huajuapan. Probably is, only two of them are progressing. One is a new girl that we met on Saturday and the rest of her family came too, although they are already members. But, as I've been taught, reactivated inactive families is just as important as baptizing new ones, so let's go Huajuapan. I love this ward. It is small, and funny, and really really old,  but they are special people. They are zealous in their love of the gospel and they have distinctive personalities and testimonies. I truly love them. I could totally end my mission here.

Well, I've already got to go. I hope you have a great week and I hope Amber and Taggart  finish the semester well. I'll pray that Tyrel accepts the snow and....what do you know, it's raining now. I love God :)
See you in two years!

ELder Johnson

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