May 19, 2013

I just talked to you!

Well, I'm really just going to report on a couple of things this week. First of all, I'm still in Huajuapan. I officially have more time in this area than in whatever other area in my whole mission. The difference is, I am no longer companions with Elder Babb. He's in Oaxaca now. My new comp is named Elder San German. I don't really know much about him considering that I haven't even met him yet. He'll be arriving at like 7 today. But, even after he shows up, I still won't be heading back to Huajuapan because I'm going to wait until Tuesday. The reason is that they are reopening Huajuapan 2. So I'm going to be living in a house with four missionaries again. The other two missionaries are named Elder Yamberla and a brand new American missionary. THey haven't given us his name yet. So, it should be fun. At least it's actually something different.

The other thing that I have to report is that I have to explain why I don't appear in the Hermana Leyva's mother's day movie. It's because I didn't have time to take the photo. I was in a special district leader meeting and then, before that meeting even ended, I went to do my district meeting so I didn't get the chance. I am not left out because the Hermana Leyva doesn't love me. IN fact, she called me to lecture me on the importance of being in the photos. I am not in the movie because I am stupid, in short. My bad.

But I did want to wish you a happy mother's day. I love you very much and I appreciate what you do for me week after week.   I know I can always count on you, I know that you'll always love me, and I know that you will always help me do smart things and impede me from doing stupid things. Thanks for being a wonderful mother. 
Well, that's all I have to report. I love you all and I'll see you in two years!
Elder Johnson

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