May 26, 2013

A Fresh Start

I feel good this week. For a lot of reasons. First of all, it's nice just to have something different. I love Elder Babb and I plan to stay in contact with him after the mission, but every once and awhile, a missionary just needs a change. And I got one. So that's fresh. I also got a fresh start with the members. Elder Babb had a certain style - he likes to laugh and joke and play and have fun, which is fine as long as the other missionary keeps it in check long enough to do the necessary, like teach and invite. It had to be me that did that. But now, I get  to just sort of be myself, which is very nice. Plus, with a smaller area, I can visit more families more regularly instead of spending half of my day running from appointment to appointment. 

There's really not much to report this week. We looked for new investigators all week because, well, I planned poorly. What happened is I had to make the division for my new area. I had to do it based on where the members lived. And I did a great job with that. there are 12 families of members on each side and 10 families that give us food on each side. The problem is, nearly ALL our former investigators are on the other side. We had three investigators on our side to start the transfer. One has moved back to the US. The other has moved to Juxtlahuaca. And the third just got into a terrible car accident and will be going to Oaxaca for further medical attention. We are left with nothing. But on we go looking, 
because I am just happy to be able to leave the house and go talk with people about the Gospel. it's a good thing. 

We did have some small miracles. When of the former investigators we found still has baptism on his mind. That's a great sign. Another miracle is the family of five investigators who contacted us about an hour after we started our fast for new investigators. That one was pretty incredible. And they seem pretty golden (the dampener on this one is that that family actually lives in the other area so they are not going to be our investigators anyway. But it will help Huajuapan 2). The Lord is real, the Church is true, and this is a wonderful work. I truly love it these days and I'm terrified of life without it. My testimony has gotten so much stronger during my mission and well, I just don't want to live without the rules and the president and the companions and the investigators and the Spirit and the calling and the everything. But all things come to an end.....I don't have to worry about that for two more years at least. 

Alright, I've got to go. I love you all.

Love ya!
Elder Johnson

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