July 29, 2012

Area Four

I got transferred. Bummer. I was getting quite attached to the idea of staying in Fortín for another transfer. I quite liked it there. But this is why you never get attached to things so fickle: they don't last. Luckily, they sent me to a good area with a good companion, so I can't complain. Elder Flores seems pretty awesome so far. First Hispanic companion I've had who's taller than me. He's from Peru, likes rock music, knows the area well, and is quite honest. I'm cool with all those attributes.

Okay, just some updates. Carlos scared me this week. He was going to get baptised on Saturday and did not. What happened was, we had our appointment on Tuesday when all the sudden he sent us a text, in all caps, that said he couldn't see us today or any other day this week. That scared me. And he was good to his word until friday when he said that he had to see us and that he really wanted to talk to us about something. That also scared me. Then we talked, and it was usual carlos stuff. He told us that he was sure that 80% of what we say is truth and that he was still working on the other stuff. So Sunday, he did NOT come to Church like he promised. That scared me. Then, in the third hour he sent me a text that said he had been praying a lot and was now really sure that he wants to get baptized. I saw him today. He wanted to say goodbye to me. He gave me a book and said he was still sure that this is the true Church. That guy's getting baptized. Great way to end Fortín, I'll tell you. Absolutely great.

Anyway, I think that it. I've got to unpack and work and get to know my new area abit. Love you all. When I write you next, I'll be five days from the year mark. Think on that. Wow, things are flying. Well, see you in 2!

Elder Johnson

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