July 15, 2012

That was promising!

Things are good again in Fortín. THey are never not good here honestly. I'm almost to the point of bragging about my area. Everytime I seem to be getting close to a period here when I don't have many investigators and it looks like I'm going to need to put my nose to the grindstone knocking doors, they just give me a reference. It's amazing. And two of the references are really turning out. One, named Isabel, came to Church with us. From the way she talks, she's looking for a Church and this seems to be the right fit. We'll be putting a  baptismal date with her in the next lesson. Then there's Marlena, who we haven't been able to teach for like two weeks because her dad is dying, who recently told us that she's super interested in this whole baptisms for the dead thing. I wonder why. SHe's also looking like the next baptismal date candidate. It's looking more and more like we'll have 3 baptisms in the month of July, which would really be awesome for me. 

Speaking of baptismal candidates, Carlos is still pretty awesome about his new and shiny baptismal date. He's quite ready, already invited his mom, and keeps telling us that he only has like, "one or two more question" which is his way of saying that he really likes what he is hearing and feeling. He admitted to us the other day that he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and that this religion has the answers to everything. It's a good thing. He also knows a ton of the ward members now. I'm really excited for him because three weeks ago, I was NOT thinking that he would be well on his way to a baptism. 

Other fun news: Guelaguetza started! Guelaguetza is this giant festival that Oaxaca has each summer to celebrate Oaxacan culture. There are dances and food and music and traditional clothing and everything. It takes place in the Zocalo and the auditorium Guelaguetza. Guess what two cultural attractions are in my area? Zocalo and the auditorium Guelaguetza. There are lots of fire works every night now. It lasts until the end of the month. There are a ton of gringos here now too. I feel like I'm in America sometimes. TOO MUCH ENGLISH!!! I'll have to send you fotos sometime when I remember to bring my camera. 

Honestly, I just enjoyed working this week and teaching a lot of lessons. It's good to remember that when we are doing the right thing, we feel right. If we are not, we feel bad. This week I spent a lot of time teaching lessons and doing the right thing (there was even this funny story of when we stopped to help this guy pull his truck out of a ditch. My companion had just bought a fresca and doritos and set them down on the grass to help with the truck. When we finished, we turned around to find that somebody had stolen the fresca. We have officially been robbed for the first time in our collective missions!!! We laughed about it and mostly just felt good for doing a spontaneous act of service). Therefore, we feel good. I hope to keep that up this week. Time seems to be flying by and I really don't want this transfer to end, but, de modos, things will be good afterwords too. It's just what happens. 

One final thought: patience is an incredible attribute. I don't have nearly enough of it. I seem to think that everything I do is right and everything everybody else does is wrong. And it bothers me. It's so easy to realize my faults every day. I just got to keep telling myself, "patience, patience, patience." With me, with my companion, with everybody. Nobody works at my same pace, whether faster or slower. That's why we need patience. We'll get everybody on the same track that way. I'm sure of it.

Love you all, miss you all, hope it cools down up there like it is down here.

Elder JOhnson

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