July 22, 2012

The New Mandate

Presidente Leyva issued code 0332: NI. Apparently, Mission Mexico Oaxaca is having trouble finding New Investigators. It's mission wide. Everybody is finding like only one or two new investigators per week. That's pretty bad, I won't lie. I can recognize that. Yet I got pretty deceived myself because I have like five potential baptisms on my hands (two that already have dates!). I told myself that I would look for new investigators, but that I couldn't do it at expense of these five people who needed help, time, and patience. That's about when President issued the mandate. He said that he was going to put a mission wide goal of 10 new investigators per week per companionship. 10! When we get four, that's good. Mind all of you from other missions, every mission is different, every group of people is different, and Oaxaca is especially different. It's just how it goes. so don't get caught up on the numbers. 

Point is, I've never found 10 investigators in one week during my whole mission. 8 is my highest. Now I've got to get 10 weekly. Wooh boy, test of faith for sure. But I'm determined to pass. I know President is inspired, I know that there are ten people out there, and I know that I just need to put doubt aside and do it. So that's what I'm going to do this week. Find new investigators. And baptize. Because Carlos will be getting baptized on Saturday. He assures me of it and he's never lied when he assures me of something like that. When he says he is going to Church, he goes. When he says he'll see us, he sees us. When he says he'll read, he reads. So when he says something like, "I'll get baptized this Saturday," for sure, he'll be getting baptized this Saturday. I'm super excited about it. I just hope he stays active.

Isabella is going well too. She accepted a baptismal date for the 28 of July. I'll be having more than one baptism in a month for the first time since February, if all goes as plan. Then again, we know what they say about the plans of mice and men. I guess it's just God's plan that counts. I'm okay with that. 

By the by, transfers are next monday. Guessing really doesn't help or indicate anything, but, my guess is that I stay and Elder Varela goes because Elder Varela has not adjusted well to the altitude of the climate of the city and would be far more at home in the Itsmo or on the Coast. I've told president about this because I try to take good care of my companions. I don't like hearing "Oh que dolor" every morning because of a headache. WE've already been to the doctor twice and called the hermana leyva twice. It worries me.

Things are going great here in the Mission, I won't lie. I hit a little patch of boredom this week, but I shook it off by buying myself a new tie for the first time in my mission. And by searching for new investigators. This week, I'll be baptizing and looking for new investigators. I don't think I'll get bored again. Besides, even if I do, I'll just put my shoulder to the wheel and push along. It's not really a problem to complain about it any way. 

Good for Taggart. I had way too much fun at school too. BYU really is a great place. I'm glad I'll only have three weeks rest inbetween my mission and BYU when I get back. Any more and I'd get bored, any less and I wouldn't have enough time to do everything I wanted.   It is raining less often here but more torrentially when it does rain. I still love the rainy season. I also wanted to comment on your prayer thing. 2 Nephi 32, in the last two verses, states that an evil spirit teaches a man not to prayer. Therefore, if we say, "I'm tired, I'll say a prayer in the morning" or "I'm angry, I don't want to talk to God while angry" or "I don't have time to say a prayer" or any of those other excuses we think of as legitimate to not say a prayer, we are listening to the voice of Satan. He does NOT want us to have a real, personal connection with our Heavenly Father. Heaven Forbid we realize our importance to the Almighty. Heaven forbid we remember all that He's done for us and all that he'll do for us. Heaven forbid we use the power we have in these mortal bodies, the thing Satan lacks and wants, to kneel down, humble ourselves, and invite the Spirit of the Lord to come upon us. And Satan and the Spirit cannot coexist. He will have to leave when our invited guest comes. That's his punishment for rebelling in the first place. So pray. Any, any, absolutely any time you feel you shouldn't pray, that is the time to say a prayer in your heart. Because it is Satan telling you not to, and every time we listen to him, we give him pòwer. That's what I've learned in the mission. To say a lot of prayers.

Well, love you all, I appreciate the emails (especially yours and dads), and I'll see you in two!

Elder Johnson

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