July 8, 2012


Dear mom,

So this week had several large highlights.....and not much else. It rained a lot and it's been on the cooler end of things. I guess it's hot over there? Well, maybe if I was still in the coast I'd be able to beat you all out with heat, but I'm in the city and it is the rainy season, so things have been cool here. I love it. My companion hates it. We don't really talk in the morning much, Elder Varela and I, but mostly because we're both tired, personal study should be reverent anyways, and Elder Varela's vocabulary before 11 consists only of "oh que frio." I think it feels just as a perfect spring should feel - although I do acknowledge that July is well outside of what most normal people would consider "spring." That's just how things are down here in Oaxaca.

Anyways, the 4th of July is coming up and I will be celebrating it by.....bringing a cake to a recent convert! Yup, that's right, Michelle (who was baptized in March and is struggling with balancing her school and her religion), was born on the fourth of July. Freedom ring. Other than that, I'll just be doing some normal missionary stuff, trying to find new investigators, something that I failed to do this last week completely. 

Oh, yes, I should get to the highlights, shouldn't I? Navith got baptized!!! And I baptized her! And it was fun. It was a tiny little service because of the strange day and time (Wednesday at 4 - who isn't working at that hour?), but it was nice and Navith enjoyed it. That`s the most important part. She got confirmed this Sunday too, so now we're already in the part of making sure she stays active. It might be a little difficult because she seems kind of resistent to the idea of getting to know the young women. But will figure out a way to make it work. WE've got the Lord.

THe other highlight is that Isai finally came to church! His bosses finally softened their hearts a bit and changed the schedule so that he had mornings off on Sunday. So he came. Late, unshaven, but smiling. It was good. It was a testimony meeting, so I hope that he felt the Spirit. Carlos, unfortunately did not come, but he was thoughtful enough so call us afterwords and assure us that he had wanted to go but couldn't and that he wanted to see us on Tuesday. I'm hoping to put the baptismal date with him tuesday. Actually, I'm hoping Elder Varela will do it. I take pride in the accomplishments of my children.

Other than those, however, it was kind of tough this week. A lot of cancelled appointments and a lot of walking. We (Elder Varela) lost the keys one day. It was tiring, unfruitful work. Which, following God's Laws of patience, probably means I need to learn something new. Go figure. Or, following God's law of happy missionaries, means that I will have a good week this week. Maybe the both. I hope the both. But yeah, things are still good here, still a lot of hope, and Fortin is still the only area that has managed to baptise in each of the last three months. And all are active! Yeah for Fortin!!!

Anyway, love you all and I miss you. Light off some fireworks for me (although I did get to see some last night from the roof of my house - it was election day and Peña Nieto was celebrating his win). Hope you think of me while in Oklahoma. If you really do end up going the first week of August, you will be vacationing right as I hit my one year mark....does that mean I get a vacation too? Kidding! Don't want one. Outside of P-day, of course. THose are essential. Tell Colton to get his butt outside for me. I didn't leave him those frisbee discs for nothing.

Elder Johnson

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